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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today is My 82nd Birthday-Thank You, Lord!

Today is my 82nd birthday. There will be no party, just a Lobster Dinner with Champagne. The party will be in four days during Christmas Eve when all my 4 adult children and 6 grand children celebrate Christmas with us (Macrine and I). As usual we have Honey-Baked ham and Chicken Macaroni Salad. I am reposting an excerpt from my recent posting on the subject topic of my last blog as follows.

"Today, I am also thinking of the subject topics of my last blog. It will not be lecture although, I used to be a teacher, Instructor, UP Chemistry(1956-1959)in the Philippines. What would be the subject of my last blog ? For sure it will not be an article filled with high sounding words. It would be a simple and a direct post that comes from the heart. It will probably be a summary of what I have done both professionally and personally. I hope that my last blog will continue to inspire the younger generation as they read the ups and down of my autobiography.

Here's a summary from my Pamana Award in Chemistry Nomination Package, perhaps my future epitaph with the addition that I was also a loving and caring husband, father and grand father and maybe a loving great grand father.

"Dr Katague is a trailblazer in the field of Chemistry and Drug Regulation. He is the first Filipino American to attain the position of Team Leader and Expert in the Center of New Drugs, Food and Drug Administration. He is also the first Filipino-American to be elected for two 5 year terms( 1995-2005) to the United States Pharmacopeia Council of Experts since its inception in 1820. Dr Katague's drive and energy to succeed is a representation of the Filipino people's talent and passion for excellence. He has shown that Filipinos can contribute significantly to the advancement of science, therefore help the world a better and safer place by insuring that only safe and better quality drugs are approved and marketed.

Dr Katague had also more than 22 years experience in agricultural research( pesticides residues analytical method development) working for three private companies in the US".

My Outstanding Senior Citizen Award in Chemistry, Science-Research from Parangal, 1998, Washington, DC

Again, I am thanking the Lord for his blessings on my 82nd birthday. As an addendum to my 82nd birthday, I have reposted a few days ago my article on the Chapel of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in UP Diliman, Q.C. Philippines that was inaugurated on my 21st birthday. My name is one of the one thousand names buried in the Foundation of the Chapel.

Thank you to all my Relatives and Friends who follow my blogs as well as to all my FaceBook friends especially those who had already sent their birthday greetings in my FB page.

Merry Christmas to All! Our wooden ( lanzones wood) Christmas Belen, 2016

Christmas Tree Decorated with White House Ornaments and Personal photo decor

Note: Today is also the 22nd birthday of my grand daughter Alix Katague, oldest daughter of my oldest son, Dodie( Diosdado) Katague.
I will always be 60 years older than Alix.

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