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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Video Poker Machines versus the Slot Machines

Last week, I started playing video poker* instead of the standard slots to improve my chance of winning in our local Casino. The reasons why one should play video poker instead of the regular slots is to minimize your losses and improve your chance of winning because of the casino term, pay out percentage discuss in the following article. The following is an article from www.pokertao.com for your information.

Again, May I remind you to go to the Casino for fun and do not expect to become rich or win a lot of money. The odds of winning big is against you! Also remember that most Casinos earned 70% of their income from the slots machines. Your winning big has the same odds as winning in the lottery. However you can minimize your losses if you are a smart player.

Slot machines and video poker machines have a lot in common, but they have notable differences as well. The following are the details as to what makes them unique and what their differences are.


So what makes video poker and slot machines the same? First, they both look the same. Both machines are coin operated. The player sits in front of them and pushes buttons or pulls a lever to operate them. Both machines have a hopper for the player's winnings in coins or in a form of tickets for the new versions. So the machines basically look the same and serve the same purpose, which is to let the gamblers play without any interaction from another player or a dealer.

Both video poker and slot machines run on random numbers generated by a chip aptly called as random number generator or RNG. The machines still gets a series of random numbers even though nobody is playing them. This series of randomly generated numbers is like a wheel of fortune that stops spinning as soon as a player places a bet.


What makes the video poker and the slot machine differ from each other is the random numbers generated within them. The program for the RNG of the slot machine is designed so that the machine pays out a percentage of the amount of money that runs through it at a certain percentage which is usually about 83% to 97%. The amount of money is known as the payback percentage determined solely by the program of the random number generator. It is impossible to determine the payout percentage of a slot machine by merely looking at it. It would probably take hundreds of thousands of trial and error to figure it out.

The random number generator on a video poker machine is another story. It replicates a deck of 52 or, in some other poker variation, of 53 playing cards. The video poker machine has the same odds of getting the same card as an actual dealer dealing from an actual deck of cards. Because a player can mathematically figure out the odds of getting each hand and because the payouts are determined by the hand the player receives, a player can somewhat estimate the payback percentage of a video poker machine quite easily.

It is also because of the difference in which the random number generator produces the outcome of the player that we can tell the other differences of the slot and video poker machines.

◾The casino can change the payout schedule of a video poker machine to change its payout percentage. On a slot machine, its RNG has to completely reprogrammed.

◾ A video poker machine with the right payout schedule generally receives a positive expectation as compared to the slot machine that always receives negative expectation.

◾ With the right strategy and a good play, a video poker machine can have a payout percentage from 97% upwards. A slot machine can have a payout schedule beginning from 80% upwards but never higher than the optimum play video poker machine .

◾ There are no skills needed on a slot machine. A player needs to be skilled in playing a video poker machine. However, video poker can become boring after two to three hours continuous play compared to the new standard slots with high-tech graphics and sounds.

The best video poker machine is the full pay or optimum pay video poker machine that pays 6 and 9 for flush and full house hands respectively for the Jack or better game. The pay out percentage for these machines is closed to 99.95% percentage payback. If you know the right strategy and skill for good play, your chance in winning in a video poker machine is highly improved compared to the standard slots. Learn the basic skills and strategy for playing video poker to minimize your losses during your visit to a Casino near you or in Las Vegas!

However, if you get bored playing video poker, try to follow this strategy of this player in the following video.

* I played video poker for almost two hours and did not win or lose any money. I finally got bored and went back playing the new slots! The new slots have high-tech graphics and sounds that I love and is not boring and very entertaining! By the way, according to the VPfree2.com website Thunder Valley has 6 different types of video poker machines whereas Red Hawk has none.

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