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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Microscopic Ants Attacked My PC Monitor

The other day, a weird and unexpected event had caused so much bewilderment in my life here in Boac. My Computer was working perfectly in the morning. However, after lunch when I turned on my PC I heard a click and my Monitor was completely blank. I was so mad since my monitor is new ( two months old).

I thought immediately of the warranty, but I can not find it. I decided to call my computer technician in downtown Boac. Luckily, he was free. In 15 minutes he was doing home service with my PC. He checked my Monitor and there is no power going through it. He diagnosed it must be the voltage regulator that got busted. He replaced it with a new voltage regulator and bingo my monitor is alive. He examined the busted regulator and he noticed small ants almost microscopic coming out from inside the regulator box.

We checked the vicinity of my PC working area and we saw lines of small ants crawling all over the cables and wires not only in my monitor but also in my CPU unit. Thanks God for Baygon Chalk and spray, I was able to eradicate/kill instantly the microscopic ants that were coming from the walls and windows outside and then to my PC table and into my PC units. The ants were so small, you can barely see them unless you focused or use a magnifier on these pests.

When my sister-in-law heard of my story, she immediately sprayed the area around her PC unit since she has observed ants crawling on her walls nearby. The positive side is that it cost me only $20 to have a new voltage regulator and have my PC running again via door to door service. Thanks to my computer technician for a perfect diagnosis and bringing with him the parts that I need. I gave the technician a 100 pesos tip (about $2.50) and we were both very happy.

Do not tell me that my room is dirty and messy. Our housekeeper cleans and dusts the PC area almost every other day and visually it is clean. However, these microscopic ants have their own way of making my life miserable for almost 2 hours. This is a true story not a Fake story just to attract readers to my blogs.

Speaking of ants, we have several species that thrives very well here at CDM. The most common specie is the red big ones that build their nest in my guayabano and star apple fruit trees. The locals call the ants, alamitas. Another specie is the medium size black ants that comes from the outside and invade clothes closets. The other specie are small brownish ants that bites and stick to your moist skin (from perspiration)and likes to bite diabetics.

My worst enemy are the white ants ( termites) that will attacked wood and even electrical cables. Six month ago termites attacked the electrical cable connecting the Generator house to the Conference Hall. My electrician until now is still complaining to me about how hard did he work to diagnose this specific electrical problem, because termites are not expected to attack electrical cables. We did spray for termites before construction of the Generator house, but not in the exact location where the electric cables are installed. I hope this incident will not be repeated.

Ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects are part of life in a tropical country like the Philippines in case you do not know, my dear readers from other parts of the world particularly the US. Thanks God for insect repellents/insecticides and and ant killers, life in rural Philippines specifically here at CDM can be free from these insect pests.

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