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Monday, October 21, 2013

Genesis-Philippines New TV Drama

In my article the other day, I indicated that I have no desire to watch another Pinoy TV drama after the historic My Husband's Lover(MHL) ended the other day. MHL was the first Pinoy TV soap opera that I enjoyed very much because of its modern and timely topic favorable to the image of the LGBT community of the Philippines. I thought MHL will be my last Pinoy TV opera, but I am mistaken, because today at the invitation of my wife, I decided to watch Genesis, a new drama also by the GMA network. I am starting to enjoy the first 5 episodes and I have a feeling I will get hooked to it, until the end. Here's a summary of the TV drama from Wikipedia.

Genesis is a Filipino science fiction-drama series broadcast by GMA Network starring Dingdong Dantes, Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad, Lauren Young and Lorna Tolentino. It premiered on October 14, 2013 on the network's prime time block and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. Here's the plot and summary of this drama that I am beginning to enjoy so far.

In 2007, a series of catastrophic events happened during the Panagbengga Flower Festival in Baguio City. The festive occasion becomes a catastrophe as earthquakes and landslides follow after fragments of an asteroid hit the area. Isaak is quick to protect the vice president and his daughter Sandra who is with him in the occasion. He is also quick in bringing Sandra to the presidential chopper. Unbeknownst to Isaak, President Ramona ordered the helicopter to immediately pull out leaving the Vice President in peril.

Isaak tries to save the vice president from falling in a pit caused by the earthquake but it was too late and Edgardo dies. Isaak is devastated as he feels dishonored for failing to save the vice president. Meanwhile, at his hometown, he finds out that his parents died too and it was only Raquel who survived. As days go by, Isaak continues to mourn the death of the people dear to him. Raquel tries to convince Isaak to leave his job, start all over again in their hometown, get married and live a quiet life.

Sandra, on the other hand, has no idea on what President Ramona did and she doesn’t question Isaak’s loyalty to his father especially Isaak saved her life. Sandra and Isaak are both unaware of Ramona’s plot to kill the Vice President. Before everyone finds out about what she did and how she abandoned the vice president during the disaster, she puts the blame on Isaak over the death of the vice president. Thus, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and he was even proclaimed dead by Ramona.

As Raquel thought Isaak is dead, she is pushed to marry Paolo who promises her a better life for her and the baby she’s carrying. Meanwhile, Isaak serves his time in jail, growing more cynical with each passing day.

Five years later, Sandra is a strong candidate for the presidency and eventually, became the president of the country. After her inauguration, Sandra is called into an emergency caucus and discovers that the world is about to end and realizes that what happened 5 years ago in Baguio has something to do on the imminent destruction. However, the world government has been preparing for this all along through “Operation: Genesis.” It is like a modern-day Noah’s Ark wherein there are pre-selected people from all countries who will be saved in order to preserve the human race; and to be selected, one must be in perfect health condition.

Sandra knows exactly who to give the mission to. She discovers that Isaak is still alive, and immediately gives Isaak the presidential pardon because she believes that he is the only person who can be relied on and be trusted on this mission. In return, he will be given the chance to find Raquel and bring her along. He starts his journey in searching for these selected people.

In his search, he will once again cross paths with Raquel who is now married to Paolo. Isaak will also meet Raquel’s daughter, Osie who will teach him how to live life once again and hope despite the impending global catastrophe. And later on, he finds out that Osie is his daughter.

All throughout his journey, Isaak will meet different people from different parts of the country. And in trying to offer them a choice by saving them and by providing hope for others; he will come to realize that in the midst of destruction, love is the greatest salvation. And when chaos strikes, love will be their greatest strength.

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