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If this is your first visit, welcome! This site is devoted to my life experiences as a Filipino-American who immigrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1960. I came to the US as a graduate student when I was 26 years old. I am now in my early-80's and thanks God for his blessings, I have four successful and professional children and six grandchildren here in the US. My wife and I had been enjoying the snow bird lifestyle between US and Philippines after my retirement from USFDA in 2002. Please do not forget to read the latest national and International News in this site . I have also posted some of my favorite Filipino and American dishes and recipes in this site. Some of the photos and videos in this site, I do not own. However, I have no intention on infringing on your copyrights. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Twenty Most Viewed Articles in this Site

The following are the twenty most viewed articles in this site. I am very pleased with the number of page views in this site.

Title of Article: Date Posted : Number of Views

1. Chapter 4: My College Years, 1951-1955 5/09/09, 12,033
2. The Japanese-American War in the Philippines 10/10/10, 6,821
3. Chapter 1: Childhood Memories of the Jap-Am War 5/09/09, 6,160
4. Is the Durian Fruit good for your Libido? 11/23/11, 4,196
5. I am Proud to be a Filipino-American 6/12/10, 2,157
6. Chapter 10: The Pinole, California Years-1974-1999 5/09/09, 1,836
7. Is Compulsive Talking an Addiction Disorder? 7/30/11, 1,477
8. The Grand Canyon National Park 11/22/11, 1,125
9. Carenna 7th Birthday-Garden Tea Party 5/16/10, 1,034
10. Yamashita Treasures in the Philippines 5/27/11, 861
11. Computer Addiction and Its Harmful Effects 7/08/11, 854
12. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 11/20/10, 825
13. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada 9/20/10, 686
14. Julio Iglesias, Sr-My Wife Favorite Singer 9/09/10, 628
15. Pure and Half Filipinos in the US 7/26/11, 561
16. Family Based Immigrant Visa to US-who Qualifies? 6/14/11, 530
17. Chinese Acrobat Dancing Swan Lake 8/22/11, 514
18. Can Phases of the Moon Affect Mood Swings? 7/31/11, 497
19. Philippines has World Highest Power Rates 2/28/11, 471
20. Abused Men and Husbands 6/03/11, 438

Thank you to all my readers in this site. I hope you continue reading this site. Please support it by also clicking on the ads. Good Day to All!

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