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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ten Types of Love

The Triangular Theory of Love

Do you know that there are ten types of love? Some of you have probably experienced all of the ten types. Most of you, I am quite sure had experience at least a few. My educated guess is that 90% of you, my readers, have at least experienced three or more types love. Personally, I have experience five types of love that is included in the listing below: The list is not arranged in order of importance.

1. Platonic love-this is the simplest of all the types. It is pure and no physical or sexual intentions attached. I have experienced this type of love during my teenagers years to an older man and a teacher.

2. Limerence and crushes – A crush during your younger days is very common, Almost all of us, have crushes to either sex, mostly the opposite sex if you are straight or to the same sex if you are gay or lesbian or to both sexes if you are bisexual. A limerence is similar to a crush but more intense and considered weird. Perhaps your crush to a teacher, to an actor or actress is so intense, you are madly in love. This may be also called an intense infatuation. I have a few crushes with my female teachers during my high school years.

3. Fleeting love- This love last for a few seconds but sometimes a lot longer. It is love at first sight and it does not have to be person. It could be an animal, a sports car or a gorgeous orchid. I have experienced this type of love many, many times in my life. I have a fleeting love for a Mercedes convertible just recently.

4. Obsessive love- Love to a partner that borders to addiction. May be experience during first love experiences. Obsessive lovers are usually insecure and are scared.

5. Selfish love- This is a form of narcissistic love. You love yourself and do not care about your partner or their happiness.

6. Unrequited love- This is the opposite of reciprocal love. Your love to someone have not been answered, sometimes called one sided love. I have also experienced this type of love during my college years.

7. Lusty love- This occurs when you are extremely sexually attracted to a person. It could occur in straight, gay or lesbian partnerships. Your relationship for the moment is centered around the bed and in no other places. You know it if you are lusting for someone, because all you think is sex, sex and more sex with that person.

8. Same sex love- You could be both straight so you do not want to cuddle or have physical sex with this person, similar to platonic love. You can have this emotion toward a friend, and perhaps a celebrity. It is not sexual attraction but more of admiration, awe and respect. My man crush was Ford Harrison during his movie, Indiana Jones. I am pretty sure I have readers who have experience a girl to girl crush although they are not Lesbians or Bisexuals. This could be a love for your role model in life.

9. Romantic love- A beautiful feeling, such as the flutter of butterflies in your stomach. The world looks more beautiful especially when you are watching a sunset, or a waterfalls with your love one. You want to be with your sweetheart all the time and all you think is your partner and romance.

Last but not least is:

10. Unconditional love- You love the person more than yourself. You care more about your lover than anything else in this world. You are willing to die for this person. You will love this person in sickness and in health and all the days of your life. This type of love is an experience that dreams are made of and everyone hope to attain this type of love with a partner.

Again, I have experienced at least five of the above types of Love. How about You? How many types of love have you experienced so far? I will glad to hear from you.
(Not Discussed here are the other recipients of love, such as God( religion), country( patriotism), or relatives( filial).


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am dating a Filippino guy and he tells me that he loves me. I want to explain to him that I only love him romantically (maybe even puppy love), but am not ready for commitment. How do I explain that in Tagalog? I can't seem to find a translation for it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain "romantic love" in tagalog? is there a special tagalog word for it?

David B Katague said...

Be frank with him. Tell him in tagalog, "Gusto kita pero hindi pa ako ready magpakasal". It means, I like you but I am not ready to get married now. Good luck!

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