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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Inspiration for the Youth of Marinduque

One of Marinduque's Gorgeous Sunsets as seen from the Balcony of the Chateau Du Mer Beach House

Reading the article below, gives me hope that there is a bright future for the youth in the province of Marinduque. I urged our youth to get more involved in the political activities of the province, for without their participation, Marinduque may revert back to the dark ages. The article below is written by Pipo Nepomuceno. He is a fellow blogger-one of the most brilliant and smartest young Marinduquenos who is very much concern of the future of Marinduque Province. "I want to inspire my kababayans, and my statements are not in any way directed to inching forward to the forthcoming elections (as a private message inquired about it) which is actually really very far still. My position is just to inspire people, to tell the people that we need to change, to light a fire that will change us being Marinduqueños, it is not an easy task and no one is ordering me to do so, this rose from my love for my province. I want to light that fire that will firmly blaze in each and every sons and daughters of Marinduque, a gentle flame of peace and unity…the sought after change for many years now. In changing oneself and in changing the whole province is not readily achieved by mere smirking of conviction filled speeches or self opinionated literature many of us believed to be making a mark towards addressing the present provincial administration of our cause…or should I say our individual cause. We need to change and in changing, friends will become foes but later on foes will become friends. >br />
Change is the hardest part in one’s self in initiating a formidable sense of strengthening our right to live and exist, today and tomorrow, emphasizing our very welfare – selfless and for the benefit of all. Life is never easy; tradition is not easily bent because tradition has twisted many truths in to lies, and many good things to worst. Actually the "political tradition" of our province is not anyway similar to what we believed to be traditions, because traditions are good ways of good people and/or a community. What we see right now are practices...bad political practices of seasoned trapos. We can’t help to be dogmatic basing our understanding to what we have perceived over the years, we strive to change but we still fear to do it or to face it.

This is my creed, this is my composition; in flesh and in spirit. My name stand for Service how little I may be, because if I become part of a whole then I will be stronger. If each of us, kababayans will work as one we’ll not experience darkness no more. We will live just like we are so proud of what we are as Marinduqueños. Our province needs us".

Well, said, Pipo. May your tribe increased!

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