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Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You Aging Gracefully?

One of the most popular myths of aging is that senior citizens can no longer contribute to society. However, today I am still aware of many seniors who continue to be outstanding in their former career fields as well as starting new careers. I know of numerous stories on how senior citizens are still contributing for the betterment of society. This is what I call productive aging or aging gracefully. If you are a senior citizen, are you aging gracefully? In my case, I think I am!

Read the following article I found from the Senior Citizen Journal and see if you can identify with the sentiments of the article.

“Productive aging is not something that we are given as a gift. Frankly, it is not something which comes from reading self help books, taking a course in a community college, joining a variety of groups with activities No, productive aging is more than what is outside of you. It is a clear recognition that your life is now at that phenomenal stage when you have the opportunity to do and be what you have always been seeking: yourself.

This phase of life is not largely different than the preceding ones. It is just as full of opportunities and discoveries and pleasures and diversions as all the other periods of existence. It is that time when being an adult is really okay. It is that time when no longer do you need to please everybody else, while offending your own sensibilities. It is that time when you can turn over a new leaf, perhaps the last leaf, and before it falls from the tree to demonstrate your true colors, your sense of why you were created, maybe committing to be the last leaf fluttering in the breeze”.

I know that there is no fountain of youth. But we can discover that there is a source for youth if we are willing and invest some time to look for it. We know that our bodies are not so young anymore, but we can stay young if our attitudes, our behaviors, and our appreciations are motivated by our willingness to grow and to stay, at least in some little ways, forever young. Let us seize the moment, grasp all opportunities, take hold of our life today and tomorrow. Let us live this moment as if it were our last. We are the only one who can find our own source for staying young and staying happy while we are still breathing. Comments anyone?

Comments Received: Efren Katague: This article reminds us to live our lives to the full each moment of the day. Starting each morning with a positive attitude towards keeping our minds, body and spirit active, young and happy. That's aging gracefully. Thanks.

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