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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mahjong, Indian Casinos and Gambling On Line

Have you heard of a tile game called Mahjong ? It is similar to gin rummy, but it is played with tiles. My mother taught me as well as my brothers and sisters how to play mahjong when I was growing up in the Philippines. According to my mother, I started playing mahjong and pangingue very well when I was only 5 years old. It is a game of luck with a little skill involve once you learn the basics. I also learned how to play a card game called "Pangingue" in the Philippines, probably similar to pinochle, but different from gin rummy. Mahjong can be played on line or you can buy a disk and play it in your computer. I have a disk in my computer, but it has been a while since I played this game. Mahjong like any gambling game is very addictive. I have relatives in the Philippines that died of tubercolosis because they play mahjong almost all day and do nothing else. Unbelievable, but true. Mahjong rules and specifics varies from region to region in the Philippines, but it is still a favorite past time of the middle class in the Philippines. Two other card games popular in the Philippines are PIKWA and TONG-IT. The other card game that I love is party or duplicate bridge.

Indian Casinos in Northern California: If you have been following my blogs, I have already written a couple of postings on this subject. Today, I will takk a little bit about the Indian Casinos in Northern California. There are two Indian Casinos within 30 minutes driving time from our residence, Thunder Valley (TVC) and Red Hawk Casinos (RHC). TVC is the second most profitable casino in the US. RHC is only about three years old, but catching up in earnings with TVC. There are two other casinos within 90 minutes driving time from our residence.

The top ten Indian Casinos in Northern California are as follows: This is based on the total number of slot machines. Based on floor size Thunder Valley Casino is the number 1. If you enjoyed the Casinos, Northern California is an ideal place to live or visit.

1. CACHE CREEK CASINO RESORT, Brooks, California
Slot Machines: 3,130
Floor Size: 74,720 square feet
Table Games: 143
Tribal Organization: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

2. THUNDER VALLEY CASINO, Lincoln, California
Slot Machines: 2,700
Floor Size: 165,000 square feet
Gaming Tables: 105
Tribal Organization: United Auburn Indian Community

3. RED HAWK CASINO, Placerville, California
Slot Machines: 2,100
Floor Size: 88,000 square feet
Gaming Tables: 75
Tribal Organization: Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians

4. TABLE MOUNTAIN CASINO, Friant, California
Slot Machines: 2,000
Floor Size: 50,000 square feet
Table Games: 47
Bingo: 800 seat
Tribal Organization: Table Mountain Rancheria

5. TACHI PALACE CASINO, Lemoore, California
Slot Machines: 2,000
Floor Size: 140,000 square feet
Table Games: 56
Bingo: 850 seats
Tribal Organization: Tachi Yokut Tribe - Santa Rosa Rancheria

6. CHUKCHANSI GOLD RESORT & CASINO, Coursegold, California
Slot Machines: 1,800
Floor Size:
Table Games: 41
Tribal Organization: Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians

Slot Machines: 1,525
Floor Size: 147,000 square feet
Table Games:49
Tribal Organization: Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians

8. RIVER ROCK CASINO, Geyserville, California
Slot Machines: 1,600
Floor Size: 35,500 square feet
Table Games: 29
Tribal Organization: Dry Creek Band of Pomo Indians

9.EAGLE MOUNTAIN CASINO, Porterville, California
Slot Machines: 1,400
Floor Size: 70,000 square feet
Table Games: 13
Bingo: 450 seats
Tribal Organization: Tule River Tribe of Yokuts

10. BLACK OAK CASINO, Tuolumne, California
Slot Machines: 1,024
Floor Size: 22,500 square feet
Table Games: 27
Tribal Organization: Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk

My wife and I have visited all of the above casinos except numbers 5 and 6.

Gambling on Line: If you are lazy to drive or dress-up, you could always enjoy gambling by playing on line any time of the day or night with live dealers. Most of these on-line websites are outside the US. The one in England www.livecasino.uk.com comes to mind. You can play poker, black Jack and other games free for a while and then you are enticed to bit and play with money via credit card. Be careful again, this is also addicting and convenient.

May I reiterate that any form of gambling is addictive. Beware of "come-ons" and other advertising gimmicks targeted to senior citizens. Gamble wisely and stick to your budget and have FUN!

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