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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quitting Blogging Only After Three Years

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Not Me! It is a "Fellow Blogger" who also blogs about life in the United States and in the Philippines. Her blog is in the same niche as mine. I was surprise to learn she is quitting because she has already a lot of followers. In my case, I just can not imagine what to do with my time, if I stop blogging.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from her last post, titled "Good Bye". I hope my Fellow Blogger you do not mind if I quote you in this posting. I do understand your reasons for quitting and I hope you the best in your schooling. I feel however, that you are wasting your talent by quitting, since you are an excellent writer. Here's an excerpt from her announcement.

"Finally I'm able to muster up some guts to announce that I'm finally canceling this blog. In my 3 year journey as a blogger, my blogging hit a lot of rough roads and some pleasant smooth rides. Making friends is one of the greatest part of it. Honestly, I thought blogging was all that fun but it was not for me.

Schooling is very important to me. That's probably the reason why I excelled academically because I put great concentration and discipline to it. And now I need to work at it again.

I have made a lot of friends via my blogs. However, I have also met the most despicable person on earth through blogging. A person who hasn't seen me in person and certainly has no knowledge of me other than what I post here in my blog who has the galls to try to make me go down in hell. She's a nightmare and a nut job all rolled into one. I can't believe there are actually "beings" like her existing on earth.

So, today, I am bidding adieu to each one of you. After 15 days as of this writing, you will no longer see or access this blog and my other blog.

Thank you to all who have given me the good times, the encouragement, the good spirits, the knowledge, the laughter and the online friendship that I have gained because of you".

Note: Her main reason for quitting is so she will have full time to study for a nursing degree. But I believe, she has suffered from "blogger burnt out". She also mentioned that her blogs is already earning $100 per month from AdSense, but she said that is not important, since after finishing nursing, she will earned more than that. I say Good Luck to You. The nursing field is already very crowded here in US as well as in the Philippines. I have a niece who graduated last year from nursing school here in Northern California. At present, she is still looking for a permanent job. Nursing, believe me, is no longer a guaranteed profitable profession and in getting a job after graduation these days.

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