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Monday, July 18, 2011

I am on the Waiting List on Google+ Social Networking Site

About three weeks ago, my friend who is a professional Blogger ( earns his living by blogging) informed me that he accepted the invitation of Google+ to join this new social net work site. He said it appears to be better than FaceBook, but since it is just starting, the impact of this site in attracting traffic to your site remains unknown. He suggested I sign for it with my current Google Account. The next day, I received an e-mail that the site is not ready for mass consumption and I will be placed on their waiting list. So what are the similarities of Google+ and Facebook. Has Google+ a shot at giving Facebook serious competition? Perhaps?

Google+ members must sort out friends into customizable groups called Circles. FaceBook on the other hand has Friends Lists option which can restrict who sees what you have posted in FB, but only 5% of members is using this option currently.

Googles+ has Hangouts allows 10 pals/friends to use webcams to hear and see each other. Facebook has now a new skyped-powered video calling( I have not tried this feature yet) that allows only one-to-one connection. I have used the Chat Feature in FB overseas and oftentimes it is so slow, but it works.

Face Book has third-party applications such as games-Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc which I hate, but Google+ has no third party applications so far.

Unlike Facebook, Googles+ lets you follow other members without getting their permission just like in Twitter. You do need however, to put every person you follow into one or more Circles, such as family, blogger friends, poker and bridge buddies, former office mates, etc...

Googles+ has just began opening its doors to VIP's and slowly admitting batches of wait listers. I am still waiting for Googles+ response regarding my request to join this social network, which I believe could add traffic to my blogs. How about you? Are you planning to join Googles+? Are you happy with FaceBook? Do you think Googles+ has a shot of giving FaceBook serious competition?

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