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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you Play Bridge? Party or Duplicate?

Macrine and I started playing party bridge way back in the 1970's. We started playing party bridge at the SOS Club in Modesto, California. We made a lot of friends this way and had a grand time. When we moved to the Bay Area, we started playing duplicate bridge at the El Cerrito Bridge Club. We played once a week for almost two years and accumulated enough master points to become Junior Masters. We became members of the American Contract Bridge League( ACBL). When we moved to the Washington, DC area we stopped playing either party or duplicate bridge completely. If you are playing bridge now, this posting is not for you. So, I suggest stop reading and just help me by clicking on my ads above. This way you can add groceries to my table, in case I do not receive my SS check next week. Just kidding!
But before you sign out, I have a joke for you. "Having sex is like playing bridge, If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand."

If you play cards before and want to know more about bridge continue reading, but do not expect to learn how to play bridge after you read this posting.

There are two types of bridge games -- "party bridge" and duplicate bridge. Both use the same rules for actually playing the game, but the scoring and structure of the two formats are different.

Party Bridge at the SOS Club in Modesto, CA, 1971
Party bridge is informal and and is usually played in people's homes. A group of four people (two partnerships) -- or several tables of four people each -- play as many hands as they like, at any pace. Each table records its own scores on the hands it plays and may or may not compare its scores with those from other tables.

DDuplicate Bridge Tournaments That My Wife and Had Attended
uplicate bridge is an organized, more competitive form of the game, usually for larger groups, and is played at a set time and place. It's called duplicate because the exact same hands are played at every table and scores are compared among tables. Each partnership plays several other partnerships, and everyone plays the same number of hands (usually 24-27 hands) in the same time period (3 to 3.5 hours).

History of Bridge:

Contract Bridge was invented in the 1920's and in the following decades it was popularised especially in the USA by Ely Culbertson. Bridge currently occupies a position of great prestige, and is more comprehensively organised than any other card game. There are clubs, tournaments and championships throughout the world.

Rubber Bridge is the basic form of Contract Bridge, played by four players. Informal social bridge games are often played this way, and rubber bridge is also played in clubs for money.

Duplicate Bridge is the game normally played in clubs, tournaments and matches. The game is basically the same but the luck element is reduced by having the same deals replayed by different sets of players. At least eight players are required for this. There are some significant differences in the scoring.

Contract Bridge developed in the 1920's from Auction Bridge, which is different mainly in the scoring. In Auction Bridge, over tricks count towards making game, so it is only necessary to bid high enough to win the contract - there is no incentive to bid all the tricks you can make.

Note: Currently, Macrine and I play bridge on line. We use Hoyle's Card Games,2010
Edition. It is one of the best way to exercise your mind/memory, thus delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. The CD cost only $19.99. If you are not comfortable with computers and want to learn this card game, I suggest you take lessons in your local bridge club. The fee is usually very minimal and it is a good way to socialize with others. If you are single, a widow or divorced thus have no partner, do not worry, the club will assign you a partner and hopefully you are compatible. Bridge is a partnership game. It is very, very important that you and your partner are compatible. When, I say you must be compatible, I meant your skill and knowledge of the game is about in the same level. If you are more skillful in the game than your partner, and you are not patient, the game of bridge instead of being fun will be a source of frustration and irritation for you. You will know exactly what I am trying to say, when you start to actually play a bridge game, specially duplicate bridge.

Reference: www.pagat.com


aurora1920 said...

I do play bridge, and delighted to come across a web site with no bridge hands--just discussion!

I have a blog, http://bridgetable.net to celebrate purely SOCIABLE bridge. You list kinds of bridge, but not the most numerous bridge group of all over time -- the ladies-only-at-home-bridge-lunch club kind of bridge. They lasted for decades! Recently blogged about one in Ohio that started in WWII, and 70 years later still had a few original members.

The game played by ladies-only clubs is often VERY casual, lots of gossip, always food and I love them!

Incidentally, I tell people if they want to take up bridge DON'T take bridge lessons right off. Unless you KNOW you have the DNA of a serious player, my experience over a long life (I'm 91) is that bridge lessons can turn off many newcomers before he/she ever gets into it. As I say, the kind of bridge you play is in your DNA. Personally, I would never play Duplicate--don't WANT to play with same partner all the time, and (in my deepest heart) I sometimes think--how can such long time partnerships NOT cheat a bit! Without even realizing it they know each other too well.

You and your wife seem to have enjoyed it all so much. And I feel that way too. Moved from NH to Florida in2004 at 84, and because of bridge was able to get a whole new set of friends, much younger than I am. Couldn't happen with any other game but Bridge. It's a wonderful game.

Check out my website sometime!!


David B Katague said...

Hi Aurora1920, thanks for your feed back. I did check your site and wanted to write a comment, but I was ask for a username and password. It is an excellent site purely devoted to social bridge. Speaking of bridge, I am again starting to play on line. It is still fun, but I do miss the social interaction of an actual party bridge game. I admire you for still being socially active inspite of you being 91 years old. Again, thanks for your comments, Maggie Simmons.

David B Katague said...

Hi Maggy, sorry, I mispelled your name in my first comment. Typing is getting a little harder for me because of my poor eye sight. Cheers and have a Fun Bridge Game as always! David

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