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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casino Gambling and "Come Ons" for Senior Citizens

Casino owners and their advertising department are very smart,indeed. They offer the gamblers free slot money(from $5 to $30), free gifts and cheap lunches or dinners as well as all the soft drinks, or coffee that you can consumed all day. Last week Red Hawk Casino(RHC)offered seniors(55 and above),a buffet dinner or lunch for only $5.99on Tuesday and Thursday. The buffet has more than 250 selection of dishes, ranging from Chinese Dim sum, roast beef, pizza, seafood, oysters, shrimps, sushi, chicken and fish dishes, about 25 kinds of desserts, another 25 kinds of salads and a drink of your choice. Macrine and I enjoyed the buffet very much. We thought we had a good bargain. But at the end of 7 hours of slot playing, we both lost $100 each, our budget for the day. So our dinner cost us $200 not $12. However, we did have a grand time. We also received $30 free slot money and was able to play for an hour using casino money.

I had been writing about casino gambling in my blogs for the last two years. The reason why I am blogging again on this subject is the fact that Casino Gambling may be addictive. The "come ons" as I described above is very tempting. You may think, since the casino is giving you $30 free slot money, and offers you a cheap buffet, why not go to the casino every day or every week since you have plenty of time as a retiree. Remember that this offers are attempts to entice you to gamble and at the end you are the loser. Remember, to have a budget for your casino gambling activity and stick to it. Once you have spent the allocated amount in your budget for gambling entertainment, do other things besides hustling with the one-arm bandits. You will never win or become a millioner anyway and the odds are you will be the loser. Treat casino gambling as part of your entertainment activity and not as a way of getting rich. If you are bored, read a book, walk around the neighborhood and/or talk to your neighbors. Do other things and forget casino gambling and their tempting "come ons".

Note: In my case, if I get bored, I blog and do a little walking around the yard or talk to the neighbors. I also read books and/or watch my favorite TV shows. How about you? What do you do to avoid boredom as a retiree? Perhaps, if you are taking care of your grandchildren, this activity prevents boredom. But what do you do for entertainment? All of us need a respite from our daily activities to maintain our sanity in this complex society. Right? Please share!

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