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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Stage of our Life-Two Grand Children Graduation from High School

Macrine and I were in Walnut Creek, Thursday and Friday this week attending the high school graduation of our two grand children. Last Thursday night was Philip Katague graduation from Northgate High School. The ceremony was held in the Sleep Train Concord Pavilion. There were about 350 graduates and the ceremony lasted only for about 2.5 hours. Luckily, we had comfortable seats and the weather cooperated. It was warm until 8PM. However, after sunset, we needed a sweater. Philip is the oldest son of our oldest son, Diosdado.

The Concord Pavilion has changed. The last time we were in the Concord Pavilion was in 1992. It was still an open amphitheater then. The only thing that has not changed is the long walk from the parking lot to the pavilion. By draw of luck, Philip's name was number 2 in the list of students out of the 350 graduating seniors . My son teased us that the reason why he was #2 to receive his diploma was he was #2 in the class. No way could this be closer to the truth. However, Philip's grade was good enough for UC Santa Cruz(UCSC) this Fall. He has not decided what to major but leaning towards Art and Music. Philip can play several musical instruments and a soloist in their High School Orchestra and Band.

Last Friday Night was the high school graduation of Elaine King, our oldest grand daughter out of 4 grand daughters. She graduated from Las Lomas High School also in Walnut Creek. This time the graduation venue was the High School Football Field. There were about 450 seniors. It was a long night and cold night. It felt like the middle of winter eventhough the first week of June is summertime here in US. Elaine has been accepted to Oregon State University(OSU)in Corvallis, Oregon. She will major in Food Science and Nutrition. OSU specializes in Nutriton and Food Technology. Elaine is the daughter of our oldest daughter Dinah Katague King.

Macrine and I are proud of the high school achievements of Philip and Elaine. Attending their graduation reminds us that we are not getting younger and the above two events are another stage in our senior citizen lives. We have three more grandchildren in the lower grades. One will be graduating next year. The other two are still in the lower grades. Our youngest grand daughter will be only in third grade this Fall.

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