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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Coconut lobster, Cucumber and Tomatoes are Good For You

The above three ailments are the most common age-related diseases all over the world particularly in the US. A person who is now 70 years old and is not suffering from one of the above ailments should feel lucky. He or she must have lived a healthy lifestyle including good diet, exercise and an outlook in life.

In my case, I was diagnosed with HBP when I turned 40. My adult-on-set Diabetes and High Cholesterol were diagnosed when I turned 65. I feel lucky that under routine medications, the above three ailments are currently under control.

The lessons I want to impart to the younger generation as well as senior citizens like me is to watch out your diet and keep busy in both mind and body. Sometimes, we are so busy with earning a living, we neglect our bodies and spirit. Even after your retirement, you must have goals that are attainable. You must maintain family relationships and get involved with humanitarian projects if at all possible. In this way, it will keep you young in spirit if not in body.

For a list of diabetic, anti hypertensive and cholesterol lowering drugs, read my articles in my blog http://marinduqueawaitsyou.blogspot.com dated August 20, 2010.


Anonymous said...

I agree that medications play a big role in controlling your diseases, together with proper nutrition and exercise. I have been on HBP medication for 4 years now and in the initial year; my BP either went up or stayed the same. It went down after a radical change in nutrition and exercise while using the same medication and dosage as prescribed by my physician. The new diet and exercise also resulted in some body fat and weight loss.

My dilemma is about the efficacy or necessity of taking HBP medication, inasmuch as my doctor prefers to continue my use of said pills. As a former FDA chemist, you must be privy to the procedures and regulations in testing prescription drugs.

In case you are at liberty to discuss FDA protocols with regards to drug approvals, rejections and recall, please enlighten your readers in your future blogs. You may also take into account writing your work experiences while working for the FDA. In addition, who checks and balances the work and authority of the FDA?

James Milner

David B Katague said...

Hi James: Although I had worked for FDA for a number of years, my personal philosophy about medications is only to take it when absolutely necessary. So, if your HBP can be controlled by diet,and exercise, talked to your doctor about it. Remember that drugs have side effects. Taking drugs is a matter of risks versus benefits.

The drug approval process is available on line. I would love to write about my experiences working for FDA, but at this time I feel I do not have the energy to do it. But thanks for your suggestions. I will keep this in mind. Have a Good Day, James and thanks again for your feedback. Have a Good Day!

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