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Monday, February 28, 2011

Philippines has World's Highest Power Rates

Photo by Daisy Catague Cababasay
In the February 23 issue of the Philippine Star, an article written by Jess Diaz reported that our country besides being ranked as among the most corrupt countries, also holds the unenviable record of having the highest residential power rates not only in Asia but also in the entire world.

Reading this article reminded me of my previous article in this blog about the PRO's and CONS' of Living in the Philippines versus the US.

One harmful consequence to the economy of the Philippines due to this high power rates is the discouragement of foreign investors. The article also indicated that the Energy Regulatory Commission(ERC) as well as Congress should both share the blame for this high cost of electricity( residential and commercial). Congress added a 12% value added tax(VAT) on electricity just recently.

So, as ordinary citizens, what can you do to save electrical cost? Your ideas are welcome. In my case here at Chateau Du Mer, every room has a sign to shut off lights, fans and air conditioners if the occupants plan on leaving their rooms for 15 minutes or longer. Most of my clients from abroad follow this sign. However, my relatives from US ignored the sign. My relatives from US are so spoiled and used to the fact that electrical power in US is cheap.

My solution is to check the rooms once it is vacated. They call me SCROOGE or KURIPOT when I shut off the lights, fans and air conditioners. I do not mind being called names to save electrical costs. Again, your ideas are welcome about saving electrical costs in your residences and offices.


Anonymous said...

The government could make use of many renewable resources available in the islands. I'm dumbfounded why we still rely on expensive imported oil for majority of our energy generation needs. We should bring this up to our senators and congressmen and do something about it.

The Philippines has several active volcanoes and it could tap more of the abundant geothermal energy.

It lies in the tropical region and receives plentiful sunshine throughout the year. Why don't we push for more solar energy use?

The country is located in the Western Pacific / South China sea where the Southeasterly winds regularly flows from the ocean. We can make use of wind turbines to generate electricity.

These suggestions may be expensive upon start-up, but in the long run the Filipino people will spend less on their electricity expenses.

Dani Alves

David B Katague said...

Hi Dani, thank you for your comments. I agree with all your sentiments and excellent ideas. How about nuclear power-Re Bataan Nuclear Reactor? Do you favor the opening of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant? Have a Good Day

Anonymous said...

Personally, yes I would like to have one or more nuclear power plants in the country. It would eliminate the regular power outage. If the Morong, Bataan nuclear power plant had been operational as scheduled in the early 1990s, it could have avoided the daily power outages lasting 8 hours, a very frustrating time period. But, no I am not in favor of opening the Bataan nuclear power plant based on what we already know.

Morong is situated in an earthquake fault, and lies near a volcano. Westinghouse bribed itself into the Bataan nuclear power plant contract, and it has nuclear reactor design safety issues in the US. I would not trust them to build our nuclear power plant.

Nuclear energy is favorable due to the availability of nuclear fission technology. The chemical uranium is a fairly common element and is cheap. Only a fraction of uranium fuel is needed versus the huge amounts of costly oil or natural gas to run a power plant and generate the same amount of energy. Nuclear fission produces low carbon emissions compared to burning oil and natural gas.

I hope you are having a nice day.

Dani Alves

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