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Monday, December 14, 2009

We are now in My Island Paradise

We left Sacramento November 29 and did not arrived in Manila until December 1. We missed our connecting flight in Honolulu because Hawaiian Air left two hours late. We did received a hotel and meals vouchers from the airline. We stayed in Somerset Olympia in Makati until Dec 4. In Makaati, we did our regular shopping in the malls. We also received a free lunch invitation from Yong Nieva's ( Macrine first cousin) at his new restaurant in Quezon City, The Romulo Cafe. The food was delicious and reasonably price. Zest Air did gave us a hard time when we check in for our trip to Marinduque, since our tickets were purchased using my sister-in-law credit card. They wanted a copy of the credit card and they had to wake her up at 5:30AM. What an archaic way of ticketing and verifying credit card purchases. Any way, it was worth the hazzle since the trip was only 30 minutes versus the whole day if we took the car and ferry ride.
Life here in rural Philippines is quiet, slow and the weather perfect. Wishing all my blogger friends and readers an advance Happy Holidays. From the Grandpa Blogger.
Above is the recent photo of the Clan taken on Thanksgiving Day, 2009.
Carenna and LoLo, Sunset Time, Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort, Photo Taken December 26, 2009


MsRay said...

Are you still in the Philippines? Hope you can share with us your vacation photos back in your 'island paradise'.

David B Katague said...

Hi MsRay, thanks for visiting. I had been busy with projects in our resort and had not much time taking pictures around the area. However, I will be here in Marinduque till April and will certainly take pictures of the Moriones Festival. I plan on posting the pictures on my other blog, http://marinduqueawaitsyou.blogspot.com Have a good day and Cheers. My son ( the lawyer) book was published last year, The Cloyne Court and available at Amazon's or Barnes and Noble.

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