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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chapter 16: Activities after Retirement( Carenna)

My Beautiful Carenna-One of the Many Joys of Retirement

The first entry of my first blog on May 10, 2008 was on the Joy of Retirement. I described in that post my feeling of getting lost and useless after working for three years in the Philippines and 37 years in the United States. My feeling of uselessness completely disappeared after my wife and I started babysitting for our grand daughter, Carenna. I commented that we love more our six grandchildren than our four children, because our children are considered our capital investments and our grandchildren are already our profits.

After retiring from FDA as chemistry team leader from the Center of New Drugs, I realized I have plenty of free time. I decided I had to learn more about computer technology besides just e-mailing and word processing technology. Through trial and error, I created my own website, http://www.chateaudumer.com. My goal was to advertise my beach resort business worldwide. As a result of this endeavor, I was able to attract clients from Europe and the United States.

I also started paying all household bills on line through electronic banking, shopping on line, chatting on line and playing games on line specifically duplicate bridge, my favorite game since I was in college. Just six months ago, I discovered the world and joys of blogging. I did not realized that today there are 7 million bloggers in the world and it started in 2003. At present I have 8 blog sites on topics ranging from personal experiences, politics, education and other topics of the day. I want to concentrate on the subject about Marinduque. My goal is to promote Marinduque as a world tourist destination not only on Easter Week ( Moriones Festival) but also whole year round.
Our first guests from Europe at Chateau Du Mer Beach House were two couples from Southern France. They two men are physicians and their wives are a psychologist and an English teacher. The picture above was taken at Paradise Valley Resort in Cabugao, Gasan with the Engles on March 27, 2008. The French couples learned about the resort through my website.

My goal of advertising the beach resort through a website did not really give me lots of traffic. I have more traffic on my 8 blog sites than on my website, moreover, I found blogging relaxing and enjoyable. Recently, I had my first article, Marinduque-Ecotourism Capital of the Philippines published by www.huliq.com, making me a citizen journalist. This was followed by two other articles on US National Parks and Monuments and The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant revival.
Governor Carrion Inauguration in Front of the provincial Capitol
On August, 2008, Macrine and I received a Letter of Appreciation from the Office of the Governor as a results of my blogs promoting tourism in the province. The letter reads as follows:

Dave and Macrine Katague,

Peaceful Greetings from the Marinduque Provincial Government.

Having read your messages through the official website of the province, we are very thankful and overwhelmed for promoting Marinduque as a tourist destination not just in the country but also worldwide.

Indeed, Marinduque is a beauty not just because of its scenic spots but also because of people like you who support and promote this province and considers it their home. Hearing beautiful comments from people like you enthuse me more to serve my people and gives me the strong will to develop the province into a first class tourist destination.

In behalf of the people of the province, thank you very much and I salute you for making us proud of our province.

Jose Antonio N. Carrion

For the Governor: Signed by() Atty.Lord Allan Jay Q. Velasco, Provincial Administrator

Macrine and I had recently been involved with the distribution of relief goods( rice and can foods through the Roman Catholic Dioscese of Boac to victims of typhoon Reming. Reming devastated about 90% of the homes in the island.

The first picture was taken in Mogpog with Macrine, me, Bishop Evangelista of the Diocese of Boac, Retired General Sarmiento, Thelma Santos of MI, Inc and another volunteer during our rice distribution to victims of typhoon Reming in the Island of Marinduque. The person on the left is one of the thousands that receive 5 kilos of rice and can goods.

At present, Macrine and I are still devoting our free time on our favorite humanitarian project in Marinduque. For the last 12 years, we have been involved with the medical mission in Marinduque. Visit, www.marinduqueinternational.org for details.

Dave and Macrine in their tailored-made matching Hawaiian Outfits enjoying their retirement years. Photo taken at the backyard of Dodie's residence in Walnut Creek, CA.

May, I reiterate that the joy one gets from retirement is very specific. Some enjoy their free time by learning new activities, getting involved with humanitarian projects or spend more time with their grandchildren. Others hate retirement. They missed their coworkers and interaction at work. Others with no children or grandchildren spend their free time on traveling, turning their hobbies into small business or more community involvement. Those that retire and hate it, is believe to die early and than those who enjoy their retirement years. I suggest you plan your retirement as early as you can. The happier you are on retirement, the longer you will live.


thun0717 said...

hi just want to ask if paradise valley cater wedding events..thanks

David B Katague said...

I do not know, but I believe they do not cater for weddings. It is a beautiful place, but isolated. It is in the interior valley of Gasan. Weddding guests will be probably be lost looking for the place, even if they have a GPS system in their cars or vans.

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